Saturday, June 6, 2009

a happy lunch... at a price

one day last month (yup, i know that's a long time and doesn't quite warrant news, but blogs aren't news yea?) qiurong and ben and i decided we'd hop over to dempsey for a little lunch. qiurong had it in his head that he wanted pancakes for lunch and ben said the pancakes at p.s. cafe are really something, so off we went...

... no pancakes! (boo!) so we settled for other somethings on the menu... i honestly can't remember what we had, but the food was quite blah, so thank goodness there was lovely conversation (love you, ben and qiurong!)... BUT the one saving grace was the ambience (i really hate this word, to be honest... it sounds so horrible pretentious and i always roll my eyes when someone else uses it, but right now i can't think of another word and i can't really be bothered to)... the decor was really lovely, so it was like having lunch in a forest dell, just with air conditioning. perfect! now if they can only improve on the bloody food.

ben and i look pretty happy in the last picture, and we were, but our wallets sure weren't. growl. rubbish food in a great setting, what else is new? restaurateurs should start spending more money hiring great kitchen staff instead of blowing it all on renovation.

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