Thursday, September 17, 2009

five minutes more

and i'm out of the office. yayyy. i've never had a full-time office job before, if you don't count the measly three months i spent interning at an architectural firm some years back, so i never fully appreciated what it was like to watch the clock and impatiently wait for that magical time of the day when you get to shrug off office ennui and zip home.

i'm new, so i don't know enough to do a lot around here. been helping out with some units of a grammar activity book but otherwise i've been sitting pretty. lucky for me i have lots of nice clothes. unlucky for me my office protection against the cruel cold of the air con is a layere black isabel marant cape. very lovely, but i've spent the whole day checking for shoulder snow cos i'm paranoid that way. very unglam.

it's 1803hrs. i'm off!