Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2, 1.42pm

lunch: fishball noodles, again. (not my fault, there's a real lack of variety here at upper paya lebar!)

NOT GOOD. ate all the noodles. have also decided that fishball probably isn't really protein. had sweet coffee after lunch, which compounds the 'not' in 'not good'.

am sad, but satiated, and am desperately hoping that fishball noodles= 400 cals.

Day 2

of my attempt to lose weight (and flab, let's please not forget flab) using the book "Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads" by Christine Avanti for guidance.

Basically, it's (supposed to be) all about maintaining blood sugar levels. So in a nutshell:

1. eat first meal within an hour of waking up

2. eat every 4 hrs, a small meal that's got protein and carbo. (no more than 400cals)

3. exercise for about 30-45 mins a day

ok, so the book essentially promises me i won't starve AT ALL (maintaining blood sugar levels means that the moment you starve, you're doing the wrong thing), and that my metabolic rate will go up, and that i WILL shed those stubborn pounds. (these are super stubborn pounds: 8kgs of weight that just won't go away)

the problem with this is that
1) i don't cook much cos no time no time no time
2) i like chips. A LOT.
3) i hate exercise as much as i like chips, so won't be bothering with that bit much, though i will try to walk a little more instead of taking the bus for super short distances.
4) i also like cookies, martinis and many other diet-unfriendly things.

Day 1 was yesterday. started well: ate an egg and had coffee for breakfast. coffee with sugar= carbo; egg=protein. had noodles with fishball for lunch. not so good, but left half the noodles untouched and i'm hoping that fishball=adequate protein. dinner was a disaster. it was my birthday so i went out with friends and ate a Very Big Meal with Dessert. oh well.

is going well so far. egg is eaten, coffee drunk. lunch in an hour! (hope will not be weak and eat super yummy indian food at print hub foodcourt).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

five minutes more

and i'm out of the office. yayyy. i've never had a full-time office job before, if you don't count the measly three months i spent interning at an architectural firm some years back, so i never fully appreciated what it was like to watch the clock and impatiently wait for that magical time of the day when you get to shrug off office ennui and zip home.

i'm new, so i don't know enough to do a lot around here. been helping out with some units of a grammar activity book but otherwise i've been sitting pretty. lucky for me i have lots of nice clothes. unlucky for me my office protection against the cruel cold of the air con is a layere black isabel marant cape. very lovely, but i've spent the whole day checking for shoulder snow cos i'm paranoid that way. very unglam.

it's 1803hrs. i'm off!

Friday, August 28, 2009

this year, for halloween, i might be


i usually cringe at the mention of justin timberlake (yech) but i love this vid... justin timberlake as elton john circa 1970s. woohoo. i want a suit just like this, i do i do i do.

Watch Elton John - This Train Don't Stop There Anymore in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh kate spade, kate spade

is both the boon and bane of my existence. Yes, maybe i'm exacggerating just a little... but it sure does feel that way whenever there's a lovely KS sale and i step in and hold up the lovely little bags up to my outfit and wonder if i should, even though i always know i shouldn't. i bought one last year and haven't regretted it... i even named it!.... and i carry it ard all the time and now i want another one in another colour.

my friend abi bought a new kate spade wallet and i'm jealous:and this is the bag i want want want:

and shoes i want but cant find in any shop anywhere (i'm starting to think i perhaps hallucinated these into existence):

back to writing cover letters and vamping up my CV. such dreary but necessary things.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A monster mess

now resides where the top of my desk once was. Headband-making is an unbelievably mess-making craft... at least where I'm concerned:

but i did manage to finish my latest creation, the Andromeda (I wanted to call it the Cassiopeia but Zarina wanted it called the Andromeda, since that name has some significance to her) which I've put up in my Etsy shop. I gave the prototype to Zarina though, since I'd bought the vintage button-charm for her to begin with. We had drinks at No.5 Emerald Hill which always does yummy martinis, but the atmosphere was sadly lacking. no clue whether it was because of the school hols, but the place was full of swaggering children. so glad i sat facing the wall.

the Andromeda:

Saturday, June 20, 2009


... are quite the obsession of my life lately. it started with me at handicraft markets looking at handmade hairbands and thinking, I CAN MAKE THIS. (i swear this is the sad result of having been ar architecture school)... so i bought the requisite felt and lace and things and made one, just to prove a point.
after the point was proven, however, i found myself continuing to make one hairband after another cos i quite like process. plus it gives me an excuse to be forever looking around for bits of lace, vintage charms, buttons etc that i always like to look at but could never really find a use for. i've put up some of the better-looking results of my crafting efforts on my etsy shop and so far no one has bought anything but a lot have looked, so i'm keeping optimistic.

let me introduce my lovelies.. this one is called the Dido:

this one here is called the Elphaba (I saw Wicked while I was in London and loved it, don't care what people say about musicals!)

and this is the Anastasia:

the small but intricate (almost ruined my eyes!) Demeter:

and finally, the Isolde:

Everything here has been put up in my Etsy shop, but I'll take orders for any piece except the Elphaba (the charm is unique, no other pieces) here in my blog if anyone's interested. (I think some of my pieces would be very well suited for weddings!) Just email me for details:

Meantime, I'll be at my computer, trying to multi-task... sewing hairbands while watching old episodes of CSI... I miss Grissom!