Saturday, June 20, 2009


... are quite the obsession of my life lately. it started with me at handicraft markets looking at handmade hairbands and thinking, I CAN MAKE THIS. (i swear this is the sad result of having been ar architecture school)... so i bought the requisite felt and lace and things and made one, just to prove a point.
after the point was proven, however, i found myself continuing to make one hairband after another cos i quite like process. plus it gives me an excuse to be forever looking around for bits of lace, vintage charms, buttons etc that i always like to look at but could never really find a use for. i've put up some of the better-looking results of my crafting efforts on my etsy shop and so far no one has bought anything but a lot have looked, so i'm keeping optimistic.

let me introduce my lovelies.. this one is called the Dido:

this one here is called the Elphaba (I saw Wicked while I was in London and loved it, don't care what people say about musicals!)

and this is the Anastasia:

the small but intricate (almost ruined my eyes!) Demeter:

and finally, the Isolde:

Everything here has been put up in my Etsy shop, but I'll take orders for any piece except the Elphaba (the charm is unique, no other pieces) here in my blog if anyone's interested. (I think some of my pieces would be very well suited for weddings!) Just email me for details:

Meantime, I'll be at my computer, trying to multi-task... sewing hairbands while watching old episodes of CSI... I miss Grissom!

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