Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2, 1.42pm

lunch: fishball noodles, again. (not my fault, there's a real lack of variety here at upper paya lebar!)

NOT GOOD. ate all the noodles. have also decided that fishball probably isn't really protein. had sweet coffee after lunch, which compounds the 'not' in 'not good'.

am sad, but satiated, and am desperately hoping that fishball noodles= 400 cals.

Day 2

of my attempt to lose weight (and flab, let's please not forget flab) using the book "Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads" by Christine Avanti for guidance.

Basically, it's (supposed to be) all about maintaining blood sugar levels. So in a nutshell:

1. eat first meal within an hour of waking up

2. eat every 4 hrs, a small meal that's got protein and carbo. (no more than 400cals)

3. exercise for about 30-45 mins a day

ok, so the book essentially promises me i won't starve AT ALL (maintaining blood sugar levels means that the moment you starve, you're doing the wrong thing), and that my metabolic rate will go up, and that i WILL shed those stubborn pounds. (these are super stubborn pounds: 8kgs of weight that just won't go away)

the problem with this is that
1) i don't cook much cos no time no time no time
2) i like chips. A LOT.
3) i hate exercise as much as i like chips, so won't be bothering with that bit much, though i will try to walk a little more instead of taking the bus for super short distances.
4) i also like cookies, martinis and many other diet-unfriendly things.

Day 1 was yesterday. started well: ate an egg and had coffee for breakfast. coffee with sugar= carbo; egg=protein. had noodles with fishball for lunch. not so good, but left half the noodles untouched and i'm hoping that fishball=adequate protein. dinner was a disaster. it was my birthday so i went out with friends and ate a Very Big Meal with Dessert. oh well.

is going well so far. egg is eaten, coffee drunk. lunch in an hour! (hope will not be weak and eat super yummy indian food at print hub foodcourt).