Tuesday, May 5, 2009

one-piece is all i need

i stumbled upon bona drag sometime ago while randomly surfing fashion sites and i've been checking it quite often ever since... praying fervently that something i want will finally be on sale... so far no luck, but i'm being stubborn, so there.

an hour ago, i saw this romper by samantha pleet on the site and experienced love at first sight:

i don't own a romper, and have never wanted one and suddenly this... and of course i'll now be checking every bloody day to see if it's on sale... oh growl!... thimbles and gingham , if you're reading this, i now completely (oh, completely, completely!) empathise with your romper-obsession-thwarted-by-economic-circumstances problem... and if i ever learn to make one, you'll be first to know.

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