Wednesday, April 29, 2009

must... have... new... bag

i know i'm supposed to save money, and god knows i'm trying... but arrgggh how am i supposed to resist all the luxe, lovely leather things that fate flings into my path? fling something else for a change, bitch! (something i can resist, like a cocktail ring, or sunglasses, or a scarf, a jacket, or even shoes!)

i blame my mother; my love for bags is entirely her fault... growing up, i was obsessed with clothes (and often driven to despair because in the late 1990s there really weren't so many untacky things a girl could wear without looking twice her age) but bags really weren't my thing. my mother, on the other hand, was (still is, still is) an absolute bag nut. and so, to cut this predictable story short, my sister and i have grown up and the apples have fallen right underneath the tree.

anyway. i was browsing through the Flannel sale online and fell head over heart over (sob sob) wallet over this delish Dolce and Gabbana number:

za would scream.... she hates checks and similar patterns.... i really love checks and gingham and all that, and the harlequin-esque patching on this bag is to die for.... as i write this i am trying to figure out how (HOW HOW HOW) to buy this without ruining myself financially. looks like i'll be buying lottery tickets later yea?

and this Fendi nubuck secret code bag (wow, what a name):

there is another bag my heart hopes for, but i won't put it up here. i'm going to lick this one wound in private. *sulks*

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  1. I love harlequin print~
    I wanted a harlequin quilted scarf last year but now I've found one it's not the season!
    £1000 is still so much though :(
    I wanted to go to the Flannels outlet store, but it's in Manchester! So far.
    Good luck finding the pennies!