Wednesday, April 15, 2009

extremely outdated london post: jo and za see buckingham palace and the great big topshop

now i know why i've never been able to keep a blog... i'm not someone who can constantly write write write about her life... far too busy buying and reading books, poring over magazines, tutoring teenagers, fussing over my clothes and hair.

anyway. i thought i'd write up my trip to london. love the city to death... i know everyone says it's rather grey and dreary and IT IS, but i love how there are a million things to see and do and things to lust over in stores. i spent a lot of time in the british museuem, the tate and the national gallery as well... i was so excited to see van gogh's sunflowers at the national gallery that i leaned too close and got told off by an attendant. ("MISS, please step back. there should be SOME distance between you and the painting.") oops.

the flight there was awful. i couldn't sleep the night before so i felt like a zombie version of myself even before i hopped aboard the plane (i use 'hopped' in the loosest sense of the word) and then couldn't sleep throughout the 12-hour flight because the headrest was so poorly designed. (here's a note to anyone at SQ who cares: the headrests in most buses that travel between singapore and malaysia, even the ugly old ones with stuffing popping out, are better designed for the comfort of the human head than the headrests on the A380. so much for technology.)i was so glad i was travelling with za, and we watched movies in sync on our separate viewing panels and kept ordering wine in order to keep from feeling the keen discomfort of the seat.

anyhow, our first experience on the tube (to our friend ratna's place at holloway rd) was uneventful but we felt the entire time like we had come from the first world to the third world, and not the other way around. now i know where the malaysian railway authority did their precedent studies in the eighties.

after a moderately good night's sleep, we consulted one of the two guidebooks za had brought along and decided to walk towards the palace, see the changing of the guard, walk to trafalqar square and then head to oxford street to shop and meet our friend andee for lunch.

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